In our Winterizing category you will find a variety of products to help you winterize and maintain your boat. Winterizing is a procedure performed to prepare your boat for extreme cold and winter conditions and storage in the off season. Winterizing can include battery management, like the use of a battery maintainer. Cleaning your boat and performing boat detailing with oxidation remover, polish and wax can also be a pre-storage procedure for winterizing. The use of de-icers for boats docked in the water keeps ice from forming around the boat. Heaters and dehumidifiers can prevent the buildup of mold and mildew under tight boat covers and plastic shrink wrap during boat storage. Servicing your boat engine with oil change systems and following procedures recommended in your boat motor's repair manuals is essential. At, we offer a wider variety of winterizing products, including trailer accessories to check your trailer parts. From trailer winches to trailer lights, we've got the products you need. Even water flushing systems are available for the do it yourself boat owner who wants to perform his own boat winterization. Boat covers don't last forever, and if it's time to replace your boat cover or buy a boat cover for the first time, we have the boat cover you need. Winter covers and boat covers are available from Westland boat covers, Carver boat covers and Dallas Manufacturing boat covers. Custom boat covers for hundreds of boat makes and models are available, and if there is not a custom boat cover available, we should have the semi-custom boat cover or universal boat cover you need.

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