Seats, Deck & Safety

Your boat deck, galley and boat interior have a lot of boat parts and boat accessories to ensure comfortable cruising on the water. Boat grills and barbeques come stand alone or with pedestals for a cookout on the water. Stock your galley with the latest accessories for comfort and convenience while boating. Interior lighting and courtesy lighting for reading not only provide basic functionality for your boat but can add ambiance for just the right atmosphere for night boating and a fun evening on the water. From engine room lights to galley lights or recessed boat LED lighting, the choices are endless for your boating pleasure. Boat seats of all types are available including butt seats, casting seats, deck chairs, fold down seats, lounge and jump seats, molded seats. Captain's chair and pedestal seats, pedestal mounts and pedestal seat hardware by major manufacturer are listed.

Tables and pedestals and mounting hardware are also available. Marine safety is the most important element of boating. Boat safety comes first. Life vests, EPIRBs, First Aid Medical Kits, Emergency Weather Radio, Distress Flags, Immersion/Dry/Work Suits, Life Rafts, Navigation Lights, Paddles, Cushions and Bells are all part of exercising marine safety and necessary depending on the size and type of vessel you are sailing or motoring. For rowing, be sure to maintain oarlocks and sockets. Wearing personal flotation devices that fit properly and having enough on board for every passenger is the law and the best practice for boat safety. Marine safety horns of all types from hand held air signal horns to electric horns are all used for boating safety. Larger boats should be equipped with horseshoe buoys or ring buoys in addition to other marine safety requirements like horns, signals. Windshield wipers on larger boats make navigation possible in foul weather. Don't forget necessary waterproof bags and cases to keep your personal belongings and emergency equipment dry and ready for retrieval in the event of emergency.

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