Marine safety is so important in boating and Quality Marine Supply has the boat safety items and marine safety accessories you need. Browse our boating safety categories for emergency locater, emergency medical kits, emergency weather radio and EPIRB products. We offer floatation suits, immersion suits, inflatable life jackets inflatable life vest, life rafts and locator beacon products. Own a personal beacon locator with your inflatable vest for emergencies. Your personal floatation device can be part of your survival in case of an unforeseen accident. We all hope we never need survival medical kits, survival suits or survival supplies, but in the event you do, a survival suit or watermakers are important. Waterproof accessories, waterproof bags and waterproof cases protect your important belongings, survival kits, coast guard kits, and survival gear.

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 ACR AquaLink™ PLB - Personal Locator Beacon - 2882
MSRP: $401.00
You save: 13%
 ACR PLB-350C AquaLink™ View - 2884
MSRP: $472.50
You save: 13%

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