Coast Guard Kits

Emergency Flotation Device & Storage of Coast Guard Kits from Lifecell come in the "Yachtsman" for 4 persons or the "Trailer Boat" for 2 - 4 persons. Life Cell Stainless Steel Rail Bracket is designed to hold the safety kits safely on the boat railing for easy access. Life Cell helps avoid a life threatening situation in an emergency by ensuring that safety equipment is in one place and ready to go. Store your equipment safely in a buoyant device rather than under a seat or the back of a cupboard. Designed for recreational boats that operate in open waters. Although compact in size, the Yachtsman Life Cell will store both the EPIRB and all safety equipment in the internal compartment. There is also an external recess that will hold EPRIB in an upright position in the event that you need to activate.

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