Understanding the Convenient Features of Marine GPS Fish Finders

GPS Fish Finders Overview

Combination marine GPS fish finders offer convenience and the ability to quickly find those favorite holes and proven past fishing spots. Because you can lock in your coordinates, they can help you easily find your way back to proven fish producing areas.  Even if you are on unfamiliar waters, this feature can be very helpful.

While a fish finder GPS offers multiple advantages, fishermen have been using fish finder units for a number of years.  Meanwhile, GPS units have been used to navigate unfamiliar waterways. Because marine GPS fish finders serve a dual purpose, most fishing enthusiasts consider the cost advantages of a single unit.  Additionally, the waterproof portability offered by many units is a reassuring feature.

GPS Fsh Finders
GPS Fish Finders

How GPS technology works?

GPS technology works on satellite positioning to find the location of the GPS unit and your boat.  The fish finder operates on sonar technology to find the fish.  When purchasing marine GPS fish finders, you have a number of major manufacturers to consider.  Most of them are names already familiar to avid fishermen.  Garmin, Humminbird, Eagle and Lowrance have always been leading manufacturers of fish finding units.  They are now the top choices of many fishermen searching for marine GPS fishfinders.  While there aren’t too many manufacturers in this field, there are some good products from which to select.

GPS fish finders
GPS Fish Finders

The variety of choices in marine GPS fish finders offer many features.  You can find vivid color displays, 3D readouts and GPS enhancements. Alternatively, you could just select those with the basic GPS operations.  The same is true of the fish finder or depth finder portion of the unit because you can get a variety of enhancements.  These enhancements provide better viewing and more information about the fishing conditions.   Conditions include temperature readings and better structure or fish graphics.  Of course, price can be a major factor.  Fishfinder GPS units range from a few hundred to a couple thousand for the most elaborate models.

There are three main reasons fishermen will tend to purchase marine GPS fishfinders.   The ability to save favorite hot spots is one.  Additionally, being able to refer to navigation or topography maps helps you easily return to your starting point.  You can easily mark your location when you start fishing to locate a home way-point.  Once you find a spot where you are catching a lot of fish, you can mark it and save it.  In fact, you can mark hundreds and thousands of locations or way-points, based on the model you select.

By saving your way points, you can get within 10 to 50 feet of your favorite fishing spot.  The GPS units that come with WAAS will get you the closest because they are more accurate.  You might want to look for units that are GPS-functional for the most convenience.   They have the GPS software and functions already set up in the unit.  You may need to purchase an antenna or receiver if you purchase GPS-ready units.  This is because they are capable of incorporating GPS functions.  Keep in mind you need to take extra steps to activate it.  You will find many features you’ll  believe to be the most valuable.  Technological improvements have allowed fish finders and GPS units to be available in a convenient combination unit.  This great combination offers many advantages for avid fishermen!

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