Exact Fit Boat Covers and Select Fit Boat Covers – Great Choices

Exact Fit Boat Covers or Select Fit Boat Covers?

Exact Fit Boat Covers or Select Fit Boat Covers by Westland are quality selections for your boat.  When looking for a boat cover, one needs to  research & educate themselves on different available styles, materials and prices.  Westland is a great choice.  There are many reasons for this so let’s go over some of the things you should expect from Westland covers.

When you buy a boat cover, you are purchasing a product as well as peace of mind.  Westland has been in business for nearly 30 years and is a very trusted name in the canvas industry.  Additionally, every Westland boat cover is tough and durable to meet rigorous marine standards.  These covers provide protection from the naturally harsh weather your boat faces every day.

Westland offers two types of covers:  Exact Fit and Select Fit.  These covers are built to accommodate almost any boat style from inflatable dinghies to cruisers.  With various types of fit, fabric and function, they truly are a standard above common cheaper covers.

Exact Fit Boat Covers

Exact Fit Boat Covers are exactly as they sound, exact fitting covers specifically designed for the year, make and model of your boat.  Making this a very smart choice and great investment.  All the parts used in making your custom covers are top of the line.  Not to mention, all of the exact fit boat covers are trailerable and come in three different fabrics and 28 different colors choices.  Sewn in reinforcements for windshields and other areas where appropriate to the pattern are included.  Also featured are two sewn-in vents to aid in air circulation.

Westland Custom Exact Fit Boat Covers
Westland Custom Exact Fit Boat Covers

Select Fit Boat Covers 

Moving on to Westland Select Fit covers.  Select Fit Boat Covers are designed to fit various styles of boats like bass boats, deck boats, runabouts, etc.  These covers are often called Semi-Custom boat covers.  These semi-custom Select Fit Boat Covers allow a more generous fit and are sized in one-foot increments for a better fit.  They also come with sewn-in windshield reinforcements when appropriate to the pattern.  Additionally, sewn-in vents are included to aid in circulation and assist with mildew and mold prevention.

Westland Select Fit Boat Covers
Westland Select Fit Boat Covers

Overall Value of Westland Boat Covers

You really are getting your monies’ worth when choosing Westland.  You receive a solid manufacturer’s backed limited warranty and can rest assured you will get a great value.  So when you are in need of a great quality boat cover, don’t hesitate to buy Westland.  Let Quality Marine Supply help you make the correct cover choice for your boat.  We are here to help!


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