Custom Boat Covers – You Really Need One!

Custom Boat Covers The Best Option

There are many generic covers for your boat on the market today.  These boat covers may fit just fine so it may seem unnecessary to purchase custom boat covers for your watercraft.  However, for the perfect fit and stylish options, custom boat covers offer added security for the boat.  Showcasing the beauty of your craft shows pride of ownership even when the boat is covered.

Custom boat covers typically rate 9 – 10 (10 being the highest rating).  The boat cover would be made directly from measurements taken of your specific model of boat.   Semi-custom boat covers rate  7 – 8.5 depending on the boat and the cover design.

Custom Boat Cover Features

Custom boat covers are made to the specifications of your boat – length, width, and height.  This ensures a snug fit on your boat.  This tight fit alleviates concerns about wind blowing the cover away when it is properly tied down.  A custom fit prevents excess dirt and debris from blowing up under the cover.  With a properly supported custom fit cover, there is less chance of leakage from rain, sleet, hail or snow.   Protecting your boat from these and other environmental elements is so important.

Custom boat covers are available in a wide variety of canvas colors.  A variety of fabrics are available for custom boat covers.  These fabrics include popular Sunbrella acrylic canvas.  Boat cover warranties are fabric dependent and range from five to seven years.


Westland Exact Fit Custom Boat Covers
Westland Exact Fit Custom Boat Cover


Carver Custom Boat Covers
Carver Custom Boat Cover

Protect Your Boat During Travel and Storage

Protecting your vessel during travel is essential.  Think of the road debris that flies up as you drive and may become embedded in your boat interior if the cover is not secure enough.  Not covering your boat could result in chipped exterior, discoloration of the interior, and deterioration of the boat’s general condition.

The boat exterior, boat parts and mechanical elements may be affected if your boat is not properly covered during travel and storage.  Once deterioration begins, it can be very difficult to reverse the effects.  Some boat parts may require complete replacement.

Boat Covers May Deter Theft

Custom boat covers allow you a sense of security while preserving your boat when not in use.  If it can’t be seen, it won’t be stolen!  This is why custom boat covers can help prevent theft of hidden boat accessories.  Protect your valuables.

Preserve Your Boat Investment

Custom boat covers are a sensible investment in many ways.  These covers protect your craft’s gel coat, carpet and vinyl by repelling harmful ultraviolet rays.  Clean up is a snap when you are ready to take your boat out.

Obviously, you can use standard or universal covers to protect your boat.  Add some peace of mind!  Shouldn’t you consider custom boat covers for your vessel?  When you know your boat is protected from damage and premature aging, isn’t it worth it?  After all, boats are a hefty investment!  You’ll want yours to hold its value for many years.  Custom boat covers for your vessel help maintain its original beauty from when it was purchased.

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