Select Fit Boat Covers

Westland Select Fit Boat Covers

Westland Select Fit Boat Covers are also known as semi-custom boat covers.  These covers provide a good fit and are designed to accommodate different styles of boats.  Within those boat styles, there are many boat makes and models.  Choose a Select Fit Boat Cover when a custom cover is not available.

Select Fit boat covers have many quality features like two sewn-in air vents to aid in circulation.  This may assist with mildew and mold prevention.  A draw rope is sewn into the hem.  Draw ropes help tightly secure these semi-custom boat covers.  Sewn-in reinforcements for windshields are included in a Select Fit boat cover.

The Westland Select Fit boat cover is available in three fabric choices.  Choices include popular Sunbrella.  These fabric choices come in 40 different colors and provide a wide variety from which to select for your cover.

Westland has been producing quality Select Fit boat covers for over 30 years and maintains very high standards.  Their boat covers are backed by a manufacturer’s limited warranty in addition to their years of experience.

Choosing a Westland Select Fit boat cover is a wise choice when quality is desired.