Boat Covers – That Boat Needs Care!

Boat Covers Protect and Preserve Your New Investment

So you finally bought the boat of your dreams!  Consideration of quality boat covers is equally important.  When you realize months later your prized possession isn’t looking as classy as when you bought it, the dreams have become a nightmare.  So what went wrong?  Did you make a bad investment or could it be the type of boat cover you bought for protection was a bad choice?

Purchasing a good boat cover is important if you want your boat to look its best and protect it.  There are a lot of factors you really need to consider when buying custom boat covers.

Boat Covers Have Important Features

Boat covers should allow moisture to escape with breathable canvas.  Simultaneously, the canvas should be water repellent to ensure water does not enter the boat.  This combination of water repellency and breathability, combined with a proper fit, prevents major damage from mold and mildew.  Besides moisture, UV rays from the sun can be a major source of harm.  Boat covers should protect your boat from harmful UV rays with UV resistant canvas.

Custom Boat Covers Provide Best Fit

boat cover should cover the entire boat with a tight custom fit or a snug semi-custom fit.  If there are gaps, then your cover that does not fit properly and you have wasted time and money. This is where custom made boat covers come in.  They are tailor-made for your boat and will protect it.  Although they will definitely cost more, the extra expense is worth the value they preserve.  Pattern engineers design custom boat covers to fit a specific make, model and year of boat.  Purchasing an aftermarket custom boat cover by Carver or Westland saves you considerable money and provides a quality cover.

Custom boat covers fit your boat perfectly providing a key advantage .  This helps to keep out water, dust and dirt, and sometimes even rodents.  Gaps are something you will not have to deal with.  You have the choice of color you desire with a custom made cover.  You do not have this option when purchasing a generic universal boat cover at a store.

We recommend you choose a custom boat cover over a semi-custom cover if you have that option.  Semi-custom boat covers vary by style, length and width of boat.  Since they accommodate a wider variety of boats, they tend to have a more generous fit.  This may result in longer or wider coverage.  Extra care must be taken to tie down and support the cover for a proper fit since there is often extra fabric.  Although you may certainly get a proper fit with a semi-custom cover, a custom fit is always more desirable when available.

If not tied down and supported properly, a semi-custom cover may look untidy.  Additionally, any sagging fabric or folds can pool or trap moisture resulting in the growth of mold and mildew.

Carver Custom Boat Covers
Carver Custom Boat Covers


Westland Exact Fit Custom Boat Covers
Westland Exact Fit Custom Boat Covers

Boat Cover Warranty

Eventually, whichever type of cover you choose to buy, be sure to receive a decent warranty with your purchase.  Both Carver Boat Covers and Westland Boat Covers include excellent manufacturer’s limited warranties.  They are fabric dependent and range from five to 10 years

Overall, while buying a tailor-made boat cover is easy, take your time, consider all options and make a smart choice.  Ask questions if you are not sure.  We are boat cover specialists and will help you.   Even though you may be anxious to use your new boat right away, take the time to select a quality cover to protect your investment.  Protecting your boat with a quality boat cover ensures you will enjoy its appearance and value much longer.

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