Boat Covers – Choosing Correctly?

Boat covers have endless choices!  What is the right boat cover for your boat?  We are here to help you with that decision.

You may have tried cheap tarps only to find they break down soon.  They shed and tear making a mess of your boat and protecting nothing.  Sure it was cheaper in the beginning but at what cost?

We hear this complaint all the time from our customers.  Once they decide to go with a quality boat cover, they can’t believe they didn’t go that route in the first place.  When they purchase a quality cover from Quality Marine Supply, they are truly happy with the coverage and protection they get for their valuable boat.

If you are going to invest in a boat, then invest in a quality boat cover.

Boat Covers Features

Follow these links to find out more about the features and advantages of a Carver Boat Cover or Westland Boat Cover.  Although each manufacturer differs in their design and features, both have excellent boat cover and boat cover accessory products.  Their warranties are up to 10 years depending on fabric selection.  Both companies include v-loops sewn into the hem of the cover for optional tie-down straps.  Custom covers include tie-down straps.  All boat cover orders are submitted when you purchase your cover.  This ensures you get a brand-new cover shipped directly from the factory.  Boat cover accessories are available with free shipping when purchased at the same time as a cover.

Westland Boat Cover Features

Westland Exact Fit custom and Select Fit semi-custom boat cover features include windshield reinforcements and sewn-in vents to aid in air circulation.  They do not cover outboard motors.  Outboard motor hoods are purchased as a separate option.  There are no sewn-in reinforcements for support poles; however, snap patch support poles are available for a low price.  All Westland covers include a draw rope sewn into the hem.



Carver Boat Cover Features

A separate universal motor hood for the outboard is include with Carver custom covers.  Carver Styled to Fit semi-custom boat cover features include an attached motor hood, a free Tie Down Kit and a heavy-duty shock cord sewn into the hem.  All Carver covers are made in America at their South Carolina factory.  Custom covers include a draw rope sewn into the hem, reinforced snap patches for optional support poles and appropriate sewn-in reinforcements.  Styled-to-Fit semi-custom covers do not include reinforcements.  This allows these covers to fit a wider variety of boat models within each style of cover.  Reinforcement Kits are optional and available for a low price.

Carver Custom Boat Covers
Carver Custom Boat Covers
Carver Styled-to-Fit Semi-Custom Boat Cover
Carver Styled-to-Fit Semi-Custom Boat Cover

Boat Cover Product Finders

Using the Quality Marine Supply Cover Finder tools will help guide you in the selection of the correct cover for your boat.
Use the Product Finders linked below to find the correct match for your year, make and model of boat.

When looking for a Carver Boat Cover, use the Carver Boat Cover Product Finder and Search Here.

If you are looking for a Westland Boat Cover, use the Westland Boat Cover Product Finder and Search Here.

For an idea of what Carver Styled to Fit semi-custom boat covers look like on different boats, check out the Carver photo gallery.  You can filter by type of cover and manufacturer for different boat cover examples.

Boat Covers Types

Boat covers come in three types:

1. Custom boat covers.  These boat covers are patterned for the specific year, make and model of your boat and are available in three fabrics with manufacturer warranties up to 10 years.

2. Semi-custom boat covers are also known as “Carver Styled to Fit” or “Westland Select Fit” boat covers. These semi-custom boat covers are designed to fit a hull type or “style” of boat.  Examples of boat styles are v-hull runabout, bass boat, jon boat, cuddy cruiser, wakeboard boat or aluminum fishing boat among others.  After choosing your boat style, you will need the centerline length and the beam width of your boat. You must take into account any factory options or aftermarket additions to your boat.  Examples of options and additions are bimini tops, jack plate, motor mount, wakeboard tower, ski poles, extended swim platforms, trolling motors, navigation lights, etc.   These custom boat covers come with manufacturer warranties up to 10 years.

3. Universal or Flex Fit boat covers. These covers are designed to fit virtually any style of boat between 14-22 feet and are made with a much more generous fit. They are a much more economical cover allowing for lengths in two foot increments.  However, these covers are available in only one fabric with a two year manufacturer’s warranty.  These covers are for storage or mooring only and are not trailerable.  They will not have the better fit of the custom or semi-custom covers.

Ask us Your Questions about Boat Covers

Sometimes these boat cover choices can be a little confusing but don’t despair.  If you have questions, just ask us! Contact Us

We specialize in boat covers for so many styles of boats including an aluminum fishing boat, bass boat, fishing boat, jon boat, cuddy cruiser boat, wakeboard boat, ski boat, skiff boat, T-top boat and so much more.

Remember, you will have a worry-free boat cover purchase from Quality Marine Supply because we specialize in boat covers!  You will be contacted by phone or e-mail to get information and confirm you have made the correct choice.  If you made the wrong choice, a recommendation for the correct cover will be made with factory verification if necessary.  Orders will not be submitted to the manufacturer for production until the cover is confirmed with you first.  So you have no need to worry about your boat cover purchase!

If you need help with a boat cover, give us a call 760-782-3988 or send us an e-mail and we will be glad to assist!

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