Boat Cover Important Necessity

Why do you need a boat cover?

Owning a boat for many is a matter of pride.  For others, buying a boat is a lifestyle goal, investment and a source of pleasure to share many happy occasions with family.  Your boat will be the place you celebrate special occasions and family events.  Boat ownership can be a fulfilling and enjoyable experience.  However, to maintain the boat in sound working condition, you will need to spend a lot of time (and money) on maintenance.  The first step in maintaining your boat is to install a boat cover.  This will almost certainly prove to be an invaluable purchase.

The main purpose of boat covers is to protect a vessel from extreme weather conditions, birds, dust and dirt accumulation.  Any vessel left uncovered and unattended for any length of time will quickly begin to deteriorate.  The vagaries of nature from sun, rain, wind and storms, take their toll on an unprotected boat.  Compared to the boat that is left uncovered, a covered boat can enjoy an increase in its expected life by up to fifty percent.

What Type of Boat Cover Should You Choose?

There are many boat cover styles available for today’s boating enthusiast.  The type of boat cover best suited to your vessel depends on several factors.   These factors include your boat type, weather conditions your boat will be exposed to and length of time left unattended.  The right boat cover will completely cover the boat and its major accessories.  It is important the cover is designed to accommodate a particular boat style and features.  Boat style examples are center console, v-hull runabout and pontoon with features like different height rails.  Both Westland and Carver have different boat cover patterns to fit a wide variety of boat styles.  If available, many boaters choose custom boat covers designed to fully protect the boat and all its equipment.  If you own a standard boat model from a well-known manufacturer, you may find a ready-made custom cover.

Westland Select Fit Boat Cover
Westland Select Fit Boat Cover


Boat Cover Fabrics and Features

There are many fabrics suitable for use in boat covers.  Some of the best canvas fabrics are made of 100% acrylic or marine-grade polyester.  These boat cover canvas fabrics are very popular and durable in the boat cover product. Obviously, the tougher the fabric, the better.  Boats left unattended for long periods require a sturdier cover than a boat left for a week or two.

Your boat cover should be completely water repellent.  There are many hi-tech breathable materials which assist with moisture evaporation on the boat to help keep the boat dry.  Some cover fabrics will also protect your boat from ultraviolet rays.  UV protection will assist in preventing boat colors from fading due to long exposure to the sun’s rays.

As you research the correct boat cover type for your boat, you must weigh the level of protection against the fabric cost.  Choose the cover which provides the best value for the money.  Consider the fit, level of protection your boat requires, appearance and fabric cost.

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