Boat Cover Choice Protects Boat

Boat Cover Choice Protects Boat Investment

Your boat is a major investment.  A lot of research is involved to ensure you make the correct decisions to best protect your boat. These decisions will help your vessel last for many years into the future. One of the best ways to protect your boat investment is reviewing available boat covers and selecting your best boat cover.

You can choose from center console covers to covers which will encase the entire top of the boat hull. Purchasing a cover for your entire boat offers you the best protection. No matter what you pick, you will get a cover which will shield your boat from the elements.

A few of the cover differences are detailed below to help in your important decision.

Carver Center Console Cover
Carver Center Console Cover


Westland Exact Fit Custom Boat Cover
Westland Exact Fit Custom Cover


Carver Dual Entry Boat Cover for Hard Top or T-Top Boats
Carver Dual Entry Boat Cover for Hard Top or T-Top Boats

Custom Boat Cover

Custom boat covers are offered by both Carver Boat Covers and Westland Boat Covers.  Carver’s Custom Boat Cover and Westland’s Exact Fit Boat Cover are custom covers.  They are specifically patterned and fitted for the exact year, make and model of boat specified.  These boat covers are perfect for protecting your boat from harsh elements during storage.

Custom covers are used on the boat while it is stored on the trailer or in dry dock.   They may also be used for mooring boat coverage in some instances.  Remember to support and tie down your cover with correct tie down methods depending on storage situations. When custom covers are available for your vessel, they are often recommended over a semi-custom boat cover.   They will provide great protection of your boat from sun, rain and snow.

Boat Cover Styles

There are boat covers which are designed to fit a general boat style or type of boat.  These Carver Styled-to-Fit boat covers and Westland Select Fit boat covers are your next choice after custom boat covers.  They are your best choice when a custom cover is not available for your boat.  Semi-custom covers will not provide the same fit as a custom cover, but they are the closest you can get if one is not available.  Semi-custom boat covers are designed to fit more easily on many boat models within the particular boat style.  They are often preferred for mooring covers as they are more easily installed.  Proper boat cover and boat cover accessories, such as a support system or support poles and tie-down straps, provide better protection from the elements.  Cover fabrics are breathable and UV, mold and mildew resistant providing years of boat protection from sun and rain.

Remember a quality boat cover provides many years of protection for your boat investment.  Contact Quality Marine Supply and let us help you make the choice easier with our specialized assistance.

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