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Slide Anchor is a reputable proven company manufacturing galvanized and stainless steel products every boat owner should have. The Box Anchor, On/Offshore Spike and Danik Hook are all designed with the boater in mind. These Slide Anchor products combine for an anchoring system designed for ease of use in addition to security and peace of mind. Read the following boat anchor product descriptions.

About the Box Anchor

The Box Anchor is a state-of-the-art offshore anchor that brings anchoring to a new level of sophistication, allowing you to have more control over the placement of your boat in any situation, regardless of the current and bottom condition. Making the Box Anchor easier to handle, it requires no chain and only a 2 to 1 scope; thatís just twice the depth of the water and half the amount of line required for a traditional danforth style anchor.

The Box Anchor is designed to do all the work for you. Just kill the engine and toss the anchor overboard, itís that easy. The Box Anchor will hit the bottom, role to its side, and set within 1ft, no need to power down.

The Box Anchorís unique patented design allows it to hold your boat at a 45-degree angle from the bottom, digging the downward facing flukes firmly into the bottom without snagging them permanently on debris. When it comes to retrieval, just pull the line to bring the boat over the top of the anchor and the lack of upward facing surface area will allow the Box Anchor to pop right off the bottom. This same principal works in wind or current change.

Box Anchor Sizes
Baby Box Anchor Personal Watercraft
Small Box Anchor Offshore / Sport 18' to 30', Cabin Cruiser to 24''
Large Box Anchor Offshore / Sport to 40', cabin cruiser to 32'
Extra Large Box Anchor House boats, cruisers longer than 32'

About the Shore Spike -
On/Offshore Spike

Works great in hard pack or soft sand, or in shallow water! The perfect tool for securing your boat in that perfect beach spot, or even off rocky or shale shoreline! Just drive the tubular handle downward to deliver the spike blade into the shoreline, then tie your boat off to the lower ring. Removes as easily as it drives in: just drive the handle upward.

Rocky or shale shorelines: Drive the spike a few feet offshore, where the ground is softer. The open, tubular handle wonít trap air, water, or debris -- allowing for easy use in shallow water. The top ring is for a line and buoy. * HOT DIP GALVANIZED inside and out to prevent corrosion.

RUBBER handle -- built to last!

Shore Spike - On/Offshore Spike Sizes
Small Boats to 22'
Large Boats to 30'
(heavy-duty available for heavier boats)
Extra Large Boats Longer than 30', Houseboats

About The Danik Hook

The Danik Hook is a revolutionary product that simplifies the knot tying and anchoring process. Tested to hold up to 8,000 lbs, the stainless steel Danik Hook is extremely versatile and easy to use. Simply attach one end of the line to your anchor and the other end through the line passage in the Danik Hook. The anchor line slides freely through the passage when the Danik Hook lever is pushed down, but is held firmly in place when released. A unique mechanism grips the line at the desired location, providing an adjustable clip anywhere on the line, easily adapting to any depth of water without ever tying a knot. When up on shore, the Danik Hook is also ideal to be used with the Slide Anchor Shore Spike by simply driving the Spike into the beach, clipping the Danik Hook to the lower ring, and adjusting for tightness. The uses for the Danik Hook are endless; it is an invaluable addition to your boat and a unique part of the Slide Anchor anchoring system.

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