Camping heaters make a camping trip in cold weather much more enjoyable. When using a space heater for camping, a smaller version is more desirable. Coleman makes a great propane heater for space heaters on a smaller scale. These portable heaters attach to a small propane tank and convert it to a portable heater you can take almost anywhere. The Coleman heater has different versions. One model can be plugged into a golf cart as a golf cart heater. Golf cart heaters are terrific to warm up between holes. These little propane space heaters are ideal for the outdoors and don't take up much space. As a camping heater, the Coleman heater is ideal. These portable heaters are space saving while providing warmth in smaller spaces, for example, when used as tent heaters for camping. This type of catalytic heater is safe as a tent heater and takes up less space than some other portable propane heaters. The tent heater by Coleman is certainly versatile in the catalytic heaters line and can be used as a portable propane heater for a variety of uses. The propane catalytic heater is most useful as a camping propane heater with its portable size. However, a catalytic propane heater can be used for more than a camping propane heater. The Coleman propane heaters offer propane catalytic heaters in models like the Coleman Blackcat Heater and the Coleman Golf Cart Heater. Both of these types of the outdoor propane heater are useful. The Coleman catalytic heater also comes in different strengths. The hotter and stronger BTU burning Coleman catalytic heater will burn warmer but use up the propane tank more quickly. Either one of these Coleman catalytic heaters will last long enough for a one day or night use. Be sure to take advantage of the quick and inexpensive shipping at www.QualityMarineSupply.com on our in stock selection of the outdoor propane heater. Browse our portable camping heater selection, and whether it is a Coleman Blackcat catalytic heater or Coleman golf heater, you'll find it here.

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